Pokémon GO: Niantic will cancel some of the rewards it implemented after the pandemic

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Pokemon GO It is designed as a game that invites you to explore the world while allowing players to capture creatures. However, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has posed a challenge to this type of game, but Niantic has managed to adapt excellently and its title made more money than it did in its first year. The restriction measures introduced by the pandemic are being relaxed and Niantic is also preparing changes to Pokemon GO.

Due to the ban on outdoor recreation caused by the epidemic, Pokemon GO It introduced some significant changes to the gameplay that Niantic has kept up to date, through which it has allowed users to continue enjoying the game individually and even without leaving the house.

However, today the company announced that it will soon be eliminating some of these measures, making some changes to others and implementing others to encourage real-world exploration and stepping out of the house.

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Back to normal in Pokemon GO

Like the real world, Niantic is preparing to return to normal after the strongest phase of the pandemic. Although the disease remains latent, distancing measures and restrictions have generally been relaxed due to the pandemic in recent months.

This is how it will happen in Pokemon GONiantic will cancel many of the rewards it has offered to allow users to continue playing without putting themselves at risk.

Among the most important are decreasing the radius of interaction with Gyms and PokéStops, and decreasing the frequency with which a Pokémon partner brings trainer gifts. The effectiveness of the incense will return to normal when it is not in motion.

According to Niantic, he wants to find the perfect balance between remote play and one way to do that would be through Remote Raid Passes, which will remain but will evolve. Niantic didn’t provide much detail on the subject, but he did anticipate that some changes would prepare players for the return of EX Raids, something that fans have been asking for a lot.

Some rewards won’t go away Pokemon GO

Not all of this is bad news, as Niantic confirmed that some of the measures have been very positive and will keep it up for the near future.

Actions that Niantic confirmed will continue in the game is 60 minutes of incense, no need to walk to play in GO Battle League, fight with other trainers via QR code (and good friends requirements), bag gift capacity has expanded to 20 units and users will be able to unlock Up to 30 gifts per day, and the first pickup per day will always give 3 times more Stardust and XP.

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Niantic will stimulate exploration in Pokemon GO

Also, in order to aid the transition to a normal life, Niantic revealed several measures that will encourage movement and leaving the house.

Players will get up to 2 Raid Cards for gym photo discs per day. The effectiveness of the incense will improve when the player is on the move, and the player can get guaranteed gifts when spinning PokéStops. If the user spins a PokéStop for the first time, he will get 10 times more experience points (XP).

It should be remembered that Niantic has stated from the beginning that the measures it introduced due to the pandemic will be temporary and will be available in-game at least until June 2021, and will adhere to them.

The company said that the changes will be implemented after the Pokémon GO Fest (July 17 and 18) and that the regions that will see these changes for the first time will be the United States and New Zealand.

These measures are expected to encourage movement and exploration of the real world. Additionally, these rewards are expected to disappear when the Discovery Season ends (September 1), although some may remain alongside new rewards.

Niantic emphasized that it is monitoring the situation in different regions of the world, so it hopes to implement measures by region and make changes gradually.

What do you think of the changes Niantic will make? Tell us in the comments.

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