Pokémon GO will receive a creature that you may never be able to get

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Niantic prepares many surprises for players Pokemon GO, as two special creatures are coming to the mobile address very soon. However, we have bad news for you, it is very likely that you will never be able to catch one of them.

The thing is, the studio confirmed that one-of-a-kind Pikachu will be joining the title this week as part of the Pokémon Air Adventures initiative, which the Pokémon franchise is promoting in Japan.

Niantic will be joining this celebration of the arrival of Pikachu who will wear a kariyushi shirt, typical of Okinawa. Unfortunately, this creature will only be available for a limited time and will only appear in Japan.

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Okinawan Pikachu and Special Corsola are on their way to Pokemon GO

Pikachu with a kariyushi shirt will be available from June 22 at Pokemon GO. However, it can only be caught in Okinawa, Japan. Niantic knows this disappoints many players, so he’ll be watching the creature appear for over a year at this location.

The studio invited players to visit Okinawa for a chance to catch special Pokémon. Niantic claimed that in the future it will introduce other similar creatures which will only be available in certain parts of the world.

“This Pikachu will be showing up for over a year, so if you can travel and have the opportunity to visit Okinawa, you can try to meet one of them! As with the karyoshi shirt Pikachu, we want to introduce more disguised Pokemon that will only be available in certain regions of the world,” Study suspended.

Fortunately, there is something new for the rest of the players on the planet that Shiny Corsola will be joining as well Pokemon GO. The shiny creature can be found in certain areas starting July 22nd.

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