Praise the sun! Dark Souls III ya tiene FPS Boost on Xbox Series X | S.

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Just for that, and for no reason beyond the benefit to the players and their gaming experience, Xbox started to work so that backward compatibility for some games wasn’t just a transfer from one console to another and that’s what the brand thought of introducing an extra feature with FPS Boost, It is a technology that improves the frame rate per second. Since its announcement, more and more games are taking on a new life thanks to this and today the new member has been revealed.

Experiencing more frames per second with Dark Souls III

A few moments ago, the official Xbox account on Twitter confirmed the recent rumors about the new game to take advantage of the FPS Boost, that is, it was officially announced. Dark Souls III is the title that will work better than ever on Xbox Series X | S. As you know, this technology brings an improvement in fps for some backwards compatible games available on Xbox One, so when you play it on any of the new generation Xbox consoles, you will notice an improvement in fps. .

It should be noted that this is not an automatic process, because as Xbox itself pointed out, it depends on the developers and publishers to allow their games to run better with FPS Boost, so the idea is that more and more games are being added little by little with improvements, but not the fact that everyone will He sees them this way.

in case if Dark Souls IIIWell, this news falls very well, because the FromSoftware franchise has assembled an impressive group of fans, but time has not been good with these deliverables, so improvements of this kind are a perfect opportunity to get back to life again.

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