Raven Software believes there will be a major change in the definition of Call of Duty: Warzone

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New season of Call of Duty: A War Zone It’s already started and the community is so excited to enjoy everything it has to offer. New in the game are new weapons, as well as several changes in the balance, which Raven Software believes will lead to a major change in the definition of Battle Royale.

At LEVEL UP we had the opportunity to speak with developers from Call of Duty: A War Zone When the third season arrives. In the conversation, Amos Hodge, Raven Software’s creative director, announced that he expects to see a major change in definition War zone.

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According to Amos, it’s possible that in Season 3 of Battle Royale, we’ll see the community move away from the explosive handguns and FFAR rifles.

«In general, with Season 3, I think they’re going to see a meta change, we’ll move away from the bursts, we’re going to FFAR in the meta for a very long time. It’s going to be like stepping into some SMG areas and playing from the role of the assault rifle that we want to be in. So they’ll see. A meta change in Season 3. I’m excited to see what happens there, «he explained.

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This has also led to the question, how is the balancing act Call of Duty: A War Zone? As Amos Hodge told us, they take several elements into account when balancing weapons in Battle Royale and other projects.

The first thing the team does is to take a look at all the stats regarding the use of weapons available in Call of Duty: A War Zone. First they check popularity and see if a large number of players (80% -90%) are using the same weapons in their gear. Then they review its effectiveness and compare it with others to see if it is stronger than others. Another very important point to strike balance is to listen to the community.

The thing that stands out is that Amos Hodge revealed that they also analyze how long the weapon has remained at the top of the meta. After all, there will always be one weapon controlling the others, but it is important that it is not much stronger than the rest and that its dominance does not extend much. Otherwise, the community will end up bored with the game.

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«A pair of weapons will always be superior and that’s normal. We just don’t want to stay there for long. If the entire meta has been the same since its release, everyone gets tired of it, right? So it’s important to us, and that’s why we also look at how long the weapon stays in.» «The summit. Just because it is popular and part of the definition does not mean that it is bad. But if he stayed there for a long time, we are tired of him. He made it clear that the game becomes to be expected.»

For this reason, Hodge and his team considered it important to change the goal Call of Duty Warzone With every season. This way, the experience will be renewed approximately every 8 weeks to keep users interested.

Call of Duty: A War Zone Available completely free for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. If you want to know more about this Battle Royale, you can do so by clicking on the following link.

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