Report: Ubisoft at risk of losing talent in key areas

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It seems that the success of Ubisoft in the video game industry has not been properly absorbed, as the French company, the most important in Europe in this sector, has in recent years been in the spotlight due to the excesses and excesses of its work. The culture and attitude of some of its employees, especially in management positions. As it has in other industries, it seems that successful gluttony can cost Ubisoft a lot as it begins to approach dangerous terrain.

Ubisof is playing with fire and the consequences can be dire

According to a report by Megan Farrukhmanch and Stephen Totilo, journalists from Axios, who had access to the official material, Ubisoft’s global registration document, which was published in June of this year, spared no effort in noting that the company is playing with fire and that because of the inability to improve its work culture, in its workforce referred to as Conflict and disposal of toxic employees referred to as harassment, risk was present in key areas.

In this sense, the document begins by emphasizing that the toxicity and harassment of some of its workers led to the departure of “key talent” during 2020, and by not acting properly, there was damage to the company’s image and reputation, which in turn led to problems in attracting new talent or retaining existing talent, as well as impacting different areas: “In 2020, the movement to report toxic and sexist behavior within Ubisoft teams led to the unexpected departure of several key talent. It was immediately filled causing delays in decision-making or deferred expenditures. or loss of direction to the teams involved.”

Ubisoft hasn’t been able to make real changes to its work culture

Subsequently, Ubisoft’s global registration document states the company’s inability to ensure a suitable working environment for its employees, and if it continues like this, it will face an even greater loss of talent which will have a negative impact on its games and income. .

Recently, another report, this time from Jason Schreyer, journalist from Bloomberg, revealed that Ubisoft workers are not happy with the decisions taken in terms of work culture and restructuring, as the CEOs and managers referred to in the harassment cases are still in the company and the only thing that has been done is to change their area, so they believe that in fact, the strategy of Yves Guillemot, President Executive, don’t do anything against sexism and racism.

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