Roblox enters into a new agreement with Sony Music

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Unity is strength and in recent years the music industry has seen some opportunities in games from which interesting projects can emerge. In the case of the creative platform Roblox, whose community is counted with millions of users around the world, there is interesting news that they have entered into an agreement with Sony Music that will take the gaming experience along with music to the next level.

Roblox And Sony Music are collaborating

According to the information received from Gamesindustry.bizAnd the Roblox Sony Music Entertainment has entered into an agreement that will expand their collaboration by integrating the division’s catalog and its artists into the gaming experience that today entertains many gamers around the world. Yes good Roblox And Sony Music have previously worked, for example with the virtual concert of Lil Nas X on the platform, this time the relationship will go even further because they will be able to make use of the material without any problem.

In this regard, it must be remembered that the music industry and Roblox They’ve had friction and there’s even a millionaire lawsuit against those responsible for the creative platform for using the songs without permission. In this sense, the response Roblox Weave strategic alliances, first with Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) and now with Sony Music Entertainment.

After signing the agreement between Roblox Sony Music, Dennis Coker, the division’s global head of sales and digital business, said: «Immersive online environments represent an important opportunity to reach the growing number of fans who want to use virtual communities to enjoy shared music experiences.»

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