Rocket League: DeLorean can be purchased again in the Item Shop!

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Rocket League It had a lot of epic crossovers that left epic content. Unfortunately, many of these products have already disappeared from the store, but one of their most popular products is already back. We refer to DeLorean from Back to the future.

What happens is that from today until July 21, DeLorean will be available in the Item Shop at متجر Rocket League. Back to the Future is sold in bulk that includes everything we offer below:

quote «Back to the future»

  • «DeLorean Time Machine»
  • Ruedas «DeLorean Time Machine»
  • Throttle «OutaTime»
  • Rastro «DeLorean Time Machine»
  • Engine sound «DeLorean Time Machine»
  • Adorno «Hoverboard»
  • Adorno «Marty Jr.»

Notably, Psyonix has not revealed if DeLorean will be available again after these dates. Rocket League. We will be up to date and inform you when we know more about it.

DeLorean من <em> Back to the future </ em>”/><figcaption>DeLorean by <em>Back to the future</em></figcaption></figure>
<p>Next to DeLorean of <em>Back to the future</em>And the<em> Rocket League</em> LTM Dropshop Rumble welcomed.  This is a limited time mode where players can enjoy Dropshot game, but according to Dropshot rules.  This mode will disappear on July 21.</p>
<p>What do you think of this new?  Are you excited to finally be able to buy DeLorean in<em> Rocket League</em>?  Tell us in the comments.</p>
<p><em>Rocket League</em> Available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.  You can learn more about this popular game that combines soccer and cars by clicking here.</p>
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