Rumor: Bloodborne remaster is real and coming to PS5 this year

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Like rumors of a comeback the silent Hill, rumors of a new version of blood borne As for the PlayStation 5, it has been very popular in recent months. It seems that the rumors of the former are close to being confirmed and something similar could happen in the case of blood borne.

There are no official details yet on the supposed improved adaptation or reconfiguration blood borne For PlayStation 5 or PC, but the acknowledged and successful detective is just reinforced by noting that the project is real and «ambitious».

We’re talking about SoulsHunts, the insider who recently leaked the existence of Final Fantasy OriginsWeeks before the official unveiling of Square Enix.

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blood borne On its way to PS5 and PC

According to information from SoulsHunt, the remaster will not be responsible for FromSoftware or Bluepoint Games, but it will be ambitious and will arrive this year on PlayStation 5 and later on PC.

On the other hand, the French detective revealed bad news for those who wait blood transfused 2That, he said, won’t happen for now, because FromSoftware prefers to focus on new IP addresses.

Although these details seem to come from a reliable source, we recommend taking it as something unofficial, because so far neither FromSoftware nor Sony have talked about it.

We remind you that after some rumors it was confirmed death strand to PlayStation 5 and will do so with exclusive content. However, this should not be excluded blood borne receive the same transaction.

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blood borne Available on PlayStation 4. You can learn more about it by visiting its profile or by referring to our written review.

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