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Since the purchase of Insomniac Games, Sony has moved away from buying video game studios, but that has changed in recent days, when it announced the purchase of Housemarque and soon after stated that it had acquired Nixxes.

Rumors about buying Bluepoint games have been circulating since late 2020, when ResetEra user MarsipanRumpan expected Sony to buy from the studio. Many questioned the alleged purchase and annoyed the informant, because the purchase did not take place. However, these rumors persisted and after more sources reinforced them, it is clear that Sony will be waiting for an event to make it official.

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Sony Japan would have ruined a big surprise

The announcement will finally be made in the upcoming State of Play. Remember the rumors that Sony was preparing for State of Play and that at this presentation they would reveal a big surprise? Well, buying Bluepoint Games would be a surprise, reports Twitter user and informant Shpeshal_Nick, whose sources have confirmed it.

According to the founder of XboxEra, Sony Japan would have ruined this surprise set up by Sony by mistakenly announcing when it revealed the purchase of Housemarque.

It is important to say that this same informant has revealed before it becomes official what new content he will receive Ghost of TsushimaIt is something that was later confirmed, so there is reason to believe in it.

In case you missed it: Shpeshal_Nick also claims that there will be a new gameplay God of War In the case of the following play.

Sony may be preparing to announce another surprise

Now, if the purchase is real, it’s possible that other information shared by MarsipanRumpan, the original insider from last year, is also true. In his letter, the informant stated that Bluepoint Games will have no problem continuing to work on more remasters as long as they have the opportunity to develop an original IP.

You might be wondering why Sony saved this announcement for the State of Play event and not announcing it on a normal day, like it did with Housemarque or the Nixxes. Of course, the only thing we can do is speculate, as there is no official information about him.

Something interesting might happen here, as there is a possibility that Sony will wait for a possible and very rumored launch case after that to announce. Reason? Without a doubt, Bluepoint Games is already working on its next project and there would be no better way to announce this than with the Sony acquisition, something that is sure to give a lot to talk about. Probably remake many rumors of hard lime metal?

But Bluepoint Games maintains that it is independent…

You might be wondering one more thing: If Bluepoint were to join Sony, why would the studio mention on Twitter that it’s independent? First, you should take into account that Bluepoint is usually just a joker or dwarf with its messages. Thus, he at no time published a poetic composition that indicated a supposed paraphrase when the «symphony of rumors» about his next project was prolific.

What makes you think this time you’re playing with the crowd? Well, he’s probably telling the truth because up to this point he’s technically independent and the acquisition was only agreed through a deal with Sony, but it wasn’t completed. Something similar happened with Bethesda and Microsoft, whose agreement was finalized months after the announcement.

On the contrary, Sony has not issued an official statement on the matter, and if it was a mistake, since it was Sony who made it, then in any case it should be Sony that provides clarification.

What do you think that? Do you think Bluepoint Games will join PlayStation Studios? Tell us in the comments.

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