Rumor: EA is working on a new Dead Space, but it won’t be a sequel

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One of the recent Electronic Arts franchises that has managed to capture the attention of fans is dead space. Unfortunately, with the disappearance of its creator studio, Visceral Games, the series’ return seemed a long way off, but it seems close to happening.

We just reported yesterday that Jeff Grubb, a well-known industry insider (especially on projects related to Electronic Arts), stated that EA was preparing for the return of the franchise and that it would keep fans happy.

Grubb didn’t reveal what IP address it would be, but hinted at it dead space. You may have some doubts about this, as it is just unofficial information.

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Electronic Arts will prepare a file dead space

However, this rumor is gaining momentum, because shortly after Grubb’s comment, the site Eurogamer You mentioned that it matches the information I’ve heard.

Do you still have doubts? trusted site jimatsu Just bolstering these clues, the page’s administrator, Sal Romano, shared more interesting information on the subject.

According to Romano, he has heard that EA Motive (the last game released is Star Wars: Squadrons) will work on the return dead space. The interesting thing that was revealed is that the new version will not be a sequel to the original trilogy, but rather a «reinvention».

Of course, it’s not clear what the revamp will entail, but luckily we won’t have to wait long to find out, because according to Grubb, Electronic Arts will reveal this project at the upcoming EA Play Live, which takes place in July.

In case you missed it: Electronic Arts has closed down visceral games for this reason.

What do you think that? Would you like to continue the trilogy or would you rather reinvent? Tell us in the comments.

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