Rumor: Metroid Prime Trilogy is ready to press the key

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From the rumors that did not come true during the last E3 2021, the arrival of Metroid Prime Trilogy To the Nintendo Switch catalog. However, that possibility arises again, says one industry expert, that the trio is ready to reach the hybrid console.

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The information comes from a journalist VentureBeat, Jeff Group, who claims that development of the title is now complete and Nintendo is awaiting its release at the most opportune moment:

«It’s game over and Nintendo is keeping it. I think Metroid Prime Trilogy It’s over and whether or not Nintendo releases it now depends on other factors…I think this game is in its bedroom by the time Nintendo decides the time is right. «

Additionally, Groupe stated that the Japanese company is still affected by the pandemic caused by COVID-19:

«I think a big problem for Nintendo for some time during the pandemic has been quality control. I think they’ve been focusing their QA resources on one or two big projects at a time and that means that some of the games that were basically finished were stuck.»

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Finally, talk about the impact the launch of Metroid Prime Trilogy for the purpose of Metroid Prime 4:

‘The other factor of Metroid Prime Trilogy is that it would definitely be a marketing coup for Metroid Prime 4, Certainly. So we will receive now Metroid dread This year and then I imagine a trilogy Metroid Prime It is something that will be shown for the first time near the release of Metroid Prime 4, when it ought to be,” Grubb concluded.

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