Rumor: The interstellar protagonist could be Joel in the Last of Us series

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After many years of planning, the live event series of سلسلة the last of us She already has the main actors. Choosing the right people is very important and it seems that the people responsible for the project were interested in another important actor playing Joel.

Several months ago, it was confirmed that Pablo Pascal would be responsible for giving life to Joel Miller, the protagonist the last of us.

However, as stated full circle cinemaInformation has just surfaced revealing the HBO connection Matthew McConaughey Let’s offer him the leading role in the series.

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Who is Matthew McConaughey?

Matthew McConaughey is an American actor who has participated in many major film productions, such as marriage plans and recently Interstellar. In 2014, the Academy awarded him an Oscar for Best Actor for his work there The Expelled Club.

This actor, in addition to not having very different features from those of Joel Miller, is from Texas, where the fictional character originated, so it wasn’t too difficult to flesh out in terms of accent.

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HBO was considering other actors to play Joel

We remind you that before it was revealed that Pedro Pascal will be the one who will play Joel, information was circulating that Mahershala Ali was going to receive an offer to give life to Joel, but it seems that he turned it down and it is not known if HBO contacted Matthew McConaughey sooner or later about this.

According to the information, these details come from whistleblower Daniel Richtman or Daniel RPK, who shared through Patreon (via full circle cinema).

In case you didn’t know, this informant is identified for sharing information related to the entertainment. Recently, a study revealed that human kombat I’ll be working on a Marvel fighting game and there seems to be some evidence that this might happen. The insider also predicted weeks ago that Tobey Maguire would appear in the next movie for Spider Man.

However, we recommend taking this information as something unofficial, as there are still no confirmed details about which actors could be involved in HBO’s production.

What do you think that? Do you think Matthew McConaughey will do well for Joel or do you prefer Pablo Pascal? Tell us in the comments.

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