Rumor: The Outer Worlds 2 will be presented at E3 2021

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Winning the recognition of gamers, critics, and the industry, this role-playing game company experienced one of its most significant moments when a purchase was confirmed by Microsoft, becoming part of Xbox Game Studios. From that moment on, the focus was on his next projects and it looks like E3 2021 will be a great show to show off.

Outer Realms 2 To be announced at E3 2021

After the recent controversy with Take-Two Interactive, a distributor outer worlds That he was unaware that the IP did not belong to him and that it was now under the control of Obsidian and Xbox Game Studios, the company is all set to throw the house out the window at E3 2021. At least that’s what they report from Windows Central Sources have been cited that suggest Obsidian could be one of the great Xbox champions during the biggest video game event of the year, which will take place June 12-15.

Obsidian may be one of E3 2021’s greatest heroes

In this sense, rumors indicate that I acknowledgeThe new Obsidian RPG that takes place in a world pillars of eternity He has a high probability of appearing at the Xbox event at E3 2021. However, today’s surprise will come with the reveal of Outer Realms 2, which is a sequel to the title that debuted on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC and did well. Finally, another obsidian rumor remembers that grounded, the survival game, may take on a new impetus as new content will be revealed at E3 2021.

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