Rumor: Warner Bros. wants to. Sell ​​Mortal Kombat Studio NetherRealm

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For months there has been talk of a potential sale to Warner Bros. Interactive and its development studios. Companies like Microsoft, Activision, Take-Two, and EA were said to be interested in acquiring developers like NetherRealm, a study by human kombat.

But nothing happened and various sources confirmed that the gaming division had stopped selling. It was also said that AT&T, the owner of the developers, had changed its mind and eventually decided to keep WB Games.

Subsequently, it was announced that WarnerMedia would merge with Discovery, an agreement that includes part of the gaming division, the future of which remains uncertain. Especially since recent rumors have it that Warner still wants to sell studios like NetherRealm and Traveler’s Tales Games.

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Are Warner Studios NetherRealm and TT Games for Sale?

Reporting by Jes Corden, Editor Windows Central, once again sparked speculation about the sale of Warner Bros. Studios. Interactive and its potential purchase by companies such as Microsoft, Activision, Take-Two, and others.

while broadcasting Xbox two (Across Pure Xbox), Corden claimed to have a document that backs up the reports regarding the sale of several Warner Bros. developers. The journalist spoke specifically about the cases of NetherRealm and Traveler’s Tales Games.

«This document I have seems to indicate that NetherRealm and TT are among the studios they are seeking to weed out. [Games]Corden said.

The informant made a very important point, noting that the above does not necessarily mean that Microsoft is interested in studies مهتم human kombat And various LEGO sets.

«I’ve heard that NetherRealm could be for sale. I’ve heard that Traveler’s Tales is likely for sale. I have a document that supports this evidence.»

Do you believe this information about Warner and his studies?

Importantly, neither Warner nor any company has hinted at these potential sales and acquisitions. For this reason, the information at the moment should be considered popular.

After the merger between AT&T WarnerMedia and Discovery was announced, it was not decided what would happen to the studios, as only a portion of the gaming division is part of the deal. We’ll have to wait to see which studios are left with AT&T and which ones will join the new company as a result of the merger.

Although the report comes from a reliable source that claims to have documents in this regard, it is best to get official information about these possible moves. However, the studio sale was not completely ruled out, as EA recently bought Playdemic, a Warner Bros. studio. for $1.4 million.

In the purchase statement, «the remainder of the Warner Bros. game portfolio is included in the recently announced WarnerMedia-Discovery deal,» but no specific details were given about the developers’ future.

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