Rumor: Xbox Hired Portal Creative to help Kojima with his new game

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Rumors surrounding Hideo Kojima’s new game are the order of the day. While many hope that the creator is working on the new installment of the silent Hill, the informant reiterated that this is not the case and that the new study project will be in collaboration with Xbox.

The source in question is Jeff Grob, a well-known insider who has been right on numerous occasions. Although many people insist on believing it abandoned It’s Kojima Productions’ responsibility, Grubb reiterates what he said when the rumor broke, last April: He has no relationship with Hideo Kojima.

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The new Xbox signing will be key in Kojima’s next game

It was announced today that the Xbox team has welcomed Kim Swift, a renowned developer who will be tasked with accelerating innovation and “collaborating with independent studios to develop games for the cloud.”

Well, Jeff Grob mentions in an article with VentureBeat That «Microsoft is taking this step specifically to help Kojima,» which is in the midst of negotiations to produce its project, which will be in an early design stage and which Phil Spencer may have hinted at months ago.

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Although initially there were many clues that seemed to indicate that the abandoned would be too the silent Hill And that it will be related to Kojima, as time goes on, more evidence suggests that it is not, and that it is a bandwagon and an advertising campaign in favor of independent horror films.

In addition, we tell you that today also appeared a new vacancy in Kojima Productions indicating that the next game from the studio will be an action game.

We remind you that the sources claimed that Hideo Kojima was working with Google to develop a game for Google STADIA, but the planning was not to come to fruition and the project did not receive the green light.

However, we remind you that so far neither Xbox nor Hideo Kojima has spoken about an association, so we recommend that you take this information as unofficial.

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What do you think of this? Do you think Hideo Kojima’s new game will be an Xbox exclusive? Tell us in the comments.

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