Shin Megami Tensei Developers Working on Monark, ‘New School RPG’

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Shin Megami Tensei It is a cult franchise that has expanded its reach in recent years thanks to other ATLUS titles. Well, if you are a fan Shin Megami Tensei And it’s an RPG genre, you might be interested to know that some of the developers of this series are working on an amazing project.

A few hours ago in the Japanese magazine Famitsu (Across jimatsu) Expect former members of the development and music teams Shin Megami Tensei They are working on a New School RPG. The names were not disclosed, but were denoted by the letters «S», «I», «M», «N».

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obscure clues from monarch reason to expect

A short time later, the game’s recall was announced monarch It already has its own page on the Internet, where the countdown appears and the name of the developers who will apparently be involved in the project. Many of them cannot be deciphered, but jimatsu They were able to identify 4: Kazunari Suzuki, Rotaru Ito, Tsukasa Masuko and Aya Nishitani, who have already worked on games Megami Tensei.

Interestingly enough, when dialing a phone number that appears on the site, a man can be heard saying: “Finally. I have waited for you, my silly, precious child.” Also, in the source code of the page it says “4 options. 4 destinations. The choice must be made by your ego. Give up all hope, you are the one entering here” and some users think that the game will be from FuRyu, considering that the domain name looks like cs

Very soon we will know more about it monarch

It is not yet known what platforms it will reach monarch There are no details about the gameplay. However, with New School RPG, it can be expected that it will undo some of the classic RPG elements.

Neither the developer’s studio nor the distribution company has been revealed, nor the release date or window of this new RPG, or the platforms on which it will arrive. However, we are expected to know more about this project on June 10 at 12:00 PM (Mexico City time), which is the date scheduled for the game’s official reveal. We will keep you informed.

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