Sonic Colors: Ultimate offers a mode that lets you compete against Metal Sonic

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The announcement was one of the big surprises that SEGA celebrated Sonic’s 30th anniversary Sonic Colors: Ultimate for modern consoles. This title will not only include visual improvements but will also introduce a lot of new content and to show it off, SEGA just shared a new trailer for the game.

The makers of this improved version of sonic colors They’ve already talked about some extras, but we haven’t been able to see them in action. That changed today as SEGA showed how new features would work, such as Assist from Tails and racing against the fast-paced Metal Sonic.

Apart from the visual improvements that this version will offer in HD (up to 4K and 60 fps), and a soundtrack remix with renewed lighting, SEGA has introduced for the first time on video the new Rival Rush mode, in which Sonic will be able to test its speed against Metal Sonic, which you will have to beat to get rewards.

Speaking of cosmetic additives, Sonic Colors: Ultimate It will feature unique boosters, auras, tennis, and hedgehog gloves, which players can get in the store in exchange for Park Tokens.

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Sonic Colors: Ultimate It will introduce new skills

Other interesting novelties in this new version are Sonic’s help and Indomitable Period. With the first, as we told you a few weeks ago, players can avoid losing levels and reappear where they fell thanks to the help of Tails. When Sonic collects 100 episodes, he will gain immunity and will be able to add points to increase his score at the end of each level.

Another addition to the gameplay is Jade Ghost, which will allow Sonic to transform and fly to pass through walls and reach secret inaccessible places. If you are not comfortable with the predefined controls, you should know that you can modify them and create your own custom button layout, which is another addition that SEGA has introduced for this release.

We leave you with the trailer so you can see all the news.

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What about all the new features of Sonic Colors: Ultimate? Tell us in the comments.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate It will be available on September 7 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can find more news about it if you visit this page.

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