Sony could bring back the PlayStation Experience

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For years, Sony has been responsible for promoting PlayStation through events that connect directly with its audience, and increasingly away from E3 or gamescom. For some time, the Japanese company held the PlayStation Experience in various places to present and show all the games and surprises that were on their way to their consoles. This kind of event happened up until 2018 and in 2020 there was an attempt at another work, but the pandemic halted plans, however, it seems we couldn’t find out anything about it.

Brand registration could give clues to a new PlayStation experience

report from MP1ST, information shared on the US Patent and Trademark Office website where Sony registered the PSX trademark, indicating the PlayStation Experience. Specifically, the patent, which has been registered on June 11 and serial number 90769589, states that PSX handles and covers everything related to the organization of exhibitions, conferences, shows, entertainment services, etc. in the field of entertainment and video games for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The event looks like an interesting option for the PlayStation 5 cycle

Although it may be just a simple registration so as not to lose the PSX brand, it cannot be forgotten that PlayStation is going through a great moment and that in the coming years many heavyweights will arrive in terms of exclusivity. Hence, the idea of ​​promoting the brand and its games at an event like PlayStation Experience sounds interesting for the PlayStation 5 cycle.

Would you like to bring the PlayStation experience back?

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