Spirits of Satan: Participate in a documentary about making a remake

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If there is a game that players love so much due to its complexity and high difficulty, it is without a doubt demon souls. This title got a remake exclusively for PlayStation 5 and remains a community favourite. As a result, a documentary was shared where they talked about the development of the game and all the challenges that were presented.

The name of the mentioned documentary is Devil’s Souls: A Remake of the PlayStation Classic It shows exactly what its name says, the way a classic PlayStation game was recreated, plus add interviews from several of its developers at Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games.

If you have already played this impressive title, you will know very well that the extreme difficulty is centered on the challenge presented by its dominant final bosses, one of the points they talked about in detail in this material that you can see below:

As you can see, the developers interviewed talked about how to recreate such a classic demon soulsThey admitted that it was a long and arduous process. In addition, they provided details about the camera and audio, and delved into the small design differences that the new version had in relation to the original.

It is worth noting that the documentary, which is just over an hour long, is shown on the YouTube channel Noclip – Video Game Documentaries, which is dedicated to creating this type of content on premium video games, and has already provided similar material on other games such as Assassin s Horizon Zero Dawn, among other things.

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