Square Enix: OUTRIDERS’ premiere on Xbox Game Pass was favorable

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Trash It has raised the doubts of many since its appearance due to its concept and mechanisms. Many players thought that the game would be forgotten overnight after its release; However, the Square Enix and People Can Fly project moved forward with more than 3.5 million users in its first month.

In case you don’t remember Trash It was released from day one on Xbox Game Pass, so many players were able to access it. That didn’t stop it from scoring good numbers on Steam, a platform where the title broke the slate of other popular games.

Square Enix spoke about the reception their game got, saying that bringing it to Xbox Game Pass was a great decision. He also reiterated that the game exceeded his expectations, with good digital sales and a large number of players.

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Xbox Game Pass was important to the premiere of Trash

Square Enix thinks so Trash It has everything to be your next big franchise after its successful launch. Studio head Yosuke Matsuda admitted there were some problems and bugs in the premiere, but that didn’t stop thousands of players from trying it.

The manager said he was surprised by the level of sales recorded by the title in digital format and the number of active users. for these reasons, Trash You have exceeded all expectations of Square Enix and People Can Fly.

On the other hand, Matsuda welcomed the decision to release the game directly on Xbox Game Pass, as it had positive results in the game’s general reception, allowing to build a proven user base for the title.

“We believe that our decision Trash «Make it available with Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft as soon as the title is released to us,» the Square Enix president said.

People Can Fly revealed months ago that they had many ideas to expand the world and their traditions Trash. So, it seems like a matter of time before the title receives expansions with more content.

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Trash Available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC. Here you will find more information about the address.


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