Steam Deck: Gabe Newell hinted at the console’s existence months ago

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It’s no secret that Valve has moved away from consoles to focus all of its games on Steam. And now that the new Steam Deck that they created has been revealed, we recall some statements of its founder, Gabe Newell, who for several months hinted at the existence of this device.

The last game that Valve released on consoles was Gate 2Since then, the company has been side by side with the personal computer system. However, at the beginning of May, all followers of the developer believed that their games would return to Xbox, PlayStation and even that they would debut on Switch, although these beliefs were very far from reality.

What happened was that Gabe Newell was in an interview where they asked him about the possibility of his company republishing the games on consoles, or whether he would continue to keep them as exclusives on Steam, to which the CEO responded with the following:

«You’ll have a better idea[of whether Valve will bring games to consoles]by the end of the year,» Newell said briefly.

Now, thanks to the Steam Deck announcement, we can finally understand the words of the Valve founder, who at the time couldn’t provide more details but confirms that his games will remain on Steam with his new hardware.

So, if you are a fan of Valve games, you better start saving, since the new Steam Deck will have different versions, the cheapest of which is 64 GB of internal storage for $399 (about 8,180 MXN). Versions that will include a 256GB and 512GB NVMe SSD will also be available for $529 and $649, respectively.

We’ll have to wait now to see what Valve’s plans will be with its privileges on this device, information that we’ll share with you for now.

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