SteelRising presents its first action-packed automata

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You may remember that we talked to you a few months ago steel height, an interesting action RPC that will mix fast-paced combat and which will be set in a French steampunk revolution. The proposal certainly sounds interesting, and if you have been waiting to learn more about this project since then, we have great news for you, as the first game of the game has already been revealed.

Nakhon recently had a broadcast and was present on it steel heightThe new game from Spiders developer Technomancer s fall of greed. In this event, a video of a little more than one video in length was shown and the most interesting thing is that it allows you to have a first look at the gameplay.

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steel height He’ll make a quick fight

In the title, you’ll be able to control Aegis, Queen Marie Antoinette’s bodyguard, who was originally programmed to dance ballet, but after the outbreak of the French Revolution, she’ll have to fight the machinery of King Louis XVI. While Spiders was inspired by its previous games fall of greed s Technomancer, On steel height It will not offer an RPG-type proposal to cover the story and character development purposes, but will instead emphasize fast combat, thanks to the agility and acrobatics of Aegis, which will lead to verticality and various opportunities to win battles.

In addition to the bleak environment of an alternative version of Paris in the eighteenth century, which attracts a lot of attention from steel height It’s her art department, where she’ll have a great Steampunk effect, as evidenced by the awesome designs of the automata. According to Annabs, they were inspired by the Baroque and the Odd to make this an alternative representation of the French Revolution in 1789.

Imagine: spiders
Imagine: spiders

The above can be seen in the trailer and it has also been confirmed that Aegis will use electric powers and will be able to use a shield to cover himself from enemy attacks. The spiders mentioned that there will be a flexible level system that will allow Aegis to adapt to the user’s play style, something that will be combined with the diversity of weapons.

Then we leave you how to play steel height, which also reveals its launch window: Summer 2022. Something you should keep in mind is that it’s the gameplay of the Alpha version of the game, so the final version could have several changes.

What do you think of the first look at the gameplay steel height? Tell us in the comments.

steel height It will debut in Summer 2022 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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