Study: Mexico among the 50 countries with the most cheaters in games

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Cheats in video games have always been around: from secret codes to bugs that allow you to gain an advantage. Keep in mind that the issue has become particularly controversial with the rise of esports and online competitive titles. With all of the above in mind, a recent study revealed which countries carry out most of these fraudulent practices or, at least, search for relevant information on the internet.

Specifically, the gate Oswich It’s tasked with comparing Google search volumes for users investigating terms like «cheat», «tricks», «X game cheat» etc. It is worth noting that the data was obtained through Google Adwords.

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In addition, those responsible for the study took into account each country’s population, so they adjusted search volumes to ensure the comparison was fair.

What countries are looking for more information about cheating?

The study revealed that Russia, Italy, Israel, Japan and Sweden are the countries seeking more information about online fraud. Surprisingly, 20 nationalities on the list belong to Europe and our friends from Spain occupy 37th place.

On the other hand, although not in the top spots, Mexico managed to appear on the list in 44th place, while Argentina ranked 13th and Chile in 27th place.

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We don’t tell you more, you can see the full list below:

Image via Oswich
Image via Oswich

But tell us, what do you think of the results? What is your position on the use of cheats in video games? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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