Summer Game Fest 2021 was a huge hit and had millions of viewers

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The biggest season of video game ads of the year is over. However, several games were left to reveal not only thanks to E3 2021, but also to the Summer Games Festival and official figures revealed to the public that they were a success.

Following the implementation of the second edition of the Summer Games Festival, its organizer and presenter Jeff Keighley announced that the event received great support from the fans.

According to official figures, more than 25 million people watched the live broadcast of the event during its 3-hour period and 3 million simultaneous viewers were reached.

Although Keighley did not provide a comparison with last year’s edition numbers, due to the lack of a live presentation, he confirmed that there was an increase in audience level and expected the event to return in 2022.

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ring of fire It was the most watched trailer for E3 and Summer Game Fest

Definitely, the star of the 2021 Summer Games Festival was ring of fire, which reappeared with a cold trailer. This was key to audience levels at the event.

We say that because, according to an industry analyst BenjiSales, trailer ring of fire It was the most watched at E3 2021 and Summer Game Fest 2021 on YouTube.

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This is amazing because FromSoftware’s title left giants like Battlefield 2042 (Play), sequel The Legend of Zelda: Breth of the Wild even starfield (who was absent the longest after his original announcement).

It’s important to say that the analyst only viewed videos of the original trailers (no reactions) with over 100,000 hits as of last June 17. revealing of Battlefield 2042It was not during this period.

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You can find all the announcements made in Summer Game Fest 2021 by visiting this page.

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