Takashi Izuka, Head of Team Sonic, talked about the approach they want for the new game

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A few weeks ago, the plans SEGA had about its franchises and sonic the hedgehog You can not miss. However, details of the new Blue Hedgehog game are still scarce, so one of its directors just shared a few words about the long-awaited title.

It was Team Sonic’s boss, Takashi Lizuka, who answered a few questions in the middle detective game And they talked a little more about the way to go about the new game My voice which will be released next year.

At first, Lizuka thanked fans for their patience and talked about the experience that was provided with the various games of My voice What is expected of the following:

“Thank you for your great patience. Since launching sonic force«The Sonic team in Japan has been testing many different approaches to deliver a next-generation Sonic experience.»

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In addition, he stated that he is considering what the future of the franchise should be and the paths that will be taken to obtain the best outcome:

“As we celebrate 30 years of titles My voice And as we thought about what the modern gaming experience of a Sonic title should be, we also needed to think about where we should go for the next decade. There are a lot of things I can’t talk about yet, but we’re working hard on the title. We hope to share more information about this game in the future,” said the creator.

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Finally, Takashi Lizuka confirmed that they are making a modern game from My voice, which can be enjoyed by both traditional fans of the franchise as well as new fans:

«I can’t say much about this title just yet, but I think we’ll see a preview of what a modern Sonic game could be. Of course, we won’t deny the high-speed action that characterized previous modern Sonic games as sonic generations a sonic force, but we will create a title that our existing fans and new players will enjoy,” concluded the design.

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