Take-Two has stopped distributing various Grand Theft Auto mods

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Take-Two and Rockstar have done their best to stop the distribution of popular mods from Grand Theft Auto. The battle between companies and depositors is not new, as it escalated with the controversy in 2017 over the distribution of OpenIV, a tool for creating mods of the saga.

It seems that the conflict has not stopped, as recent reports confirm that Take-Two and Rockstar have once again criticized the depositors and their creations. According to the details, there are many popular mods of Grand Theft Auto He disappeared from the internet recently.

Take-Two has sent a cease and desist order to stop the distribution of modifications to Grand Theft Auto V, including Vice City Overhaul, as well as other creations that tweak previous games in the popular franchise.

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Take-Two is not happy with some of the mods for GT

Because of Take-Two’s cease and desist order, many mods to the series have disappeared from dedicated forums and pages. Among them, not only the aforementioned vice fix, such as mods such as GTA: Liberty City, Vice Cry and GTA: Underground have been removed from sites such as ModDB.

In a post on the GTA forums, the mod community claimed that Take-Two and Rockstar have quietly tweaked their rules to create single player mods for the franchise. As a result of this, the above modifications do not comply with the regulations and have been withdrawn.

Now the companies are demanding that this be modified Grand Theft Auto It does not include creating new games, stories, quests, or maps. The community appreciates that the developers decided to get rid of the mods for various reasons.

Some depositors believe that everything is related to a possible relaunch of titles such as Grand Theft Auto 3And the Underworld s San Andreas. On the other hand, many players are betting that it is due to something related to it Grand Theft Auto VI.

The truth is that the two options are currently pure guesswork, as none of the studies explained this change in their guidelines for adjustments or the new wave of cease and desist notices. We’ll have to wait to find out more about it.

Rockstar prepares many surprises related to GT

For starters, Rockstar has already confirmed it Grand Theft Auto V It will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on November 11th. At the moment, he has not revealed the new look or modifications that the popular game will make.

We also know that he is preparing some surprises regarding the franchise and the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III. We know there will be something Grand Theft Auto Online And the third part of the saga, but fans are already dreaming of a relaunch of that game.

For this reason, it’s not uncommon for designers to suspect that studios have pulled their work due to the potential return of the third installment or other games in the franchise.

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