Tetris Effect: PC & PS4 Connected Late, But The Wait Will Be Short

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Developer Enhance Games surprised last year when it was revealed at a Microsoft event Tetris Effect: Online, which will arrive first on Xbox consoles and Windows 10 on PC. This puzzle title will also arrive on PlayStation, PC, and Oculus Quest consoles; However, it has just been revealed that there will be a delay, but fortunately the wait will not be long.

Weeks ago, project managers announced that Tetris Effect: Online It will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (via backward compatibility), PC and Oculus Quest in July and it will be possible to pre-test an open beta.

We are approaching the end of the month and a release date has not been revealed. Unfortunately, Enhance has confirmed that the title will take a little longer to arrive, as it won’t be available that month, as promised, but the good thing is that there’s already a release date and it’s not too far away: August 18.

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Why Tetris Effect: Online Will he arrive later than expected?

According to the developer, it was decided to spend more time to correct some bugs and provide a “better quality game” and he specifically mentioned that the VR title with cross-play and online multiplayer is a huge technical challenge and he wants to make sure the experience is good: “We think that The wait is worth it,» Enans said.

The studio knows how much fans can expect this game on Steam, so they took the opportunity to announce that for the first two weeks of sale you’ll get 25% off, regardless of the fact that it will include the release at no additional cost. luxury digital, which consists of 7 Hydelic tracks (among which are fan favorites online (yours forever), which can only be obtained as a pre-order bonus on PlayStation 4 and Epic Games Store), and the profile avatar of tetris effect And 4 game wallpapers in 4K quality. You can now add this game to your wishlist.

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What is that Tetris Effect: Online?

In case you didn’t know, the original version of tetris effect It debuted as a PlayStation 4 exclusive (with PlayStation VR support) and eventually this version also made its way to the Oculus Quest and the Epic Games Store. Tetris Effect: Online It is basically tetris effectBut with multiplayer add-ons and other games, it arrived as an Xbox console and Windows 10 exclusive on PC last year.

Players who already have a copy of the original game tetris effect On PlayStation Epic Games Store or Oculus Quest consoles, you don’t have to pay anything to get the version Connected When it will be available on August 18, but just download the latest update of the game and install it on your systems. The version available in the stores of these platforms will also be updated to Tetris Effect: Online Finally, the game will be available on Steam. Regarding the Xbox and Windows 10 consoles version of Tetris Effect: Online, it will be possible to update it to enable the cross-play function, which will arrive on the same day, so very soon you will be able to play with users of other platforms.

Are you excited to arrive Tetris Effect: Online For more platforms? Will you try cross-play? Tell us in the comments.

Tetris Effect: Online With cross-play options it will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, PC (Windows 10, Epic Games Store and Steam) and Oculus Quest starting August 18th. You can find more news related to this puzzle series if you visit this page.

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