That’s why Shigeru Miyamoto loves to play Pokémon GO

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Managers of large video game companies are very busy people, but they devote part of their free time to enjoying some games. Several prominent members of Nintendo recently talked about their favorite games and some were surprised by their responses.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the company’s legendary creator, was part of this conversation. Mario’s father stated that he hardly plays titles that he did not develop, but he gave his consent to do so backman s Tetris As per your design.

The developer also revealed another side to him as a player, noting that Pokemon GO It is one of your favorite games that you have not stopped enjoying for a long time.

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Shigeru Miyamoto never stopped playing Pokemon GO

Miyamoto highlighted the work done by Niantic Pokemon GO, Mobile address is still a sensation all over the world. Reason? The creator revealed that it is a title that he can enjoy with his wife and all his family members.

The developer of Nintendo explained that he played Pokemon GO For the past two years and I’m still addicted to mobile games. Miyamoto often plays near his house with many friends from his neighborhood, which undoubtedly gave him many fun times.

“I am now hooked Pokemon GO. This title, which I play with my wife, is a dream come true to be able to enjoy a title with my whole family. I have been enjoying Pokemon GO With my wife and friends from the neighborhood for about two years,” Miyamoto said.

Creative added it Pokemon GO It is a title widely played by the elderly in Japan. “The average person who plays Pokemon GO In Japan it is probably around 60 years old,” Miyamoto added.

This number is not a surprise to many, but some players were surprised to learn that Miyamoto spends part of his time capturing creatures and playing with other people on the streets of the Asian country.

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Pokemon GO Available for iOS and Android devices. Find all news related to mobile title in this link.


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