The 15th King of Fighters: Mexican fighter Ramon will appear in the game

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There are still several months left until the premiere of the movie The fifteenth king of fighters. However, the wait didn’t feel like long thanks to SNK’s frequent sharing of game trailers, which serve to introduce the characters that will appear in the title. The developer has just shared another one in which it confirms the return of a Mexican fighter.

We are talking about Ramon, the wrestling expert who made his debut in The King of Fighters 2001. With a gameplay video focused on Ramon, SNK confirmed that the Mexican fighter would be a selectable character and shared about one minute of gameplay that shows Ramon will use wrestling moves to defeat his rivals.

As you can see, the fighting genre is mixed with the characteristic style of air combat and acrobatics typical of Mexican wrestling.

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SNK fixed a bug in Ramón for The fifteenth king of fighters

Ramon appeared in King warriors He teams up with Vanessa, his mentor, and the woman he loves, who appears briefly in the trailer, on Team Champions. In the latest installment of the series, he appeared with Angel and King of Dinosaurs (both Mexican) to form Team Mexico. It has not been confirmed if Ramon will return this time with these last two characters (not yet announced) to form Team Mexico again. Despite this, remember that SNK breaks all expectations, so it is not excluded that Ramon collaborates with Vanessa again. However, it is important to mention that at the end of the trailer Ramon is shown shouting: Viva México! , which may suggest that his other companions will be a dinosaur king and an angel.

A strange detail that fans of the character might notice in the trailer if they look closely is that SNK has corrected the error in Ramon’s outfit. On The Fourteenth King of Fighters The wrestler wears a uniform that reads «Camino de la Tigre» on the back. Obviously this was a typo and it seems that SNK figured it out and in this new version «Camino Del Tigre» appears correctly.

We’re not telling you more, and it’s best to leave you with the trailer below.

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What do you think about the return of Ramon, is he your favorite character? Tell us in the comments.

The fifteenth king of fighters In development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can find more news about him if you visit his profile.

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