The catchy metroidvania game, ENDER LILIES, already has its debut date on PS4 and PS5

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The Metroidvania genre has been well exploited by the indie scene, and on many occasions it’s a safe bet, after all, it’s the elements that have been tested and recognized by players of different generations who have enjoyed the franchise’s games that led to its emergence. to her. One of the most attractive proposals that has emerged in this direction is Ender Lillis: Calm Knights, which has a recent release date on Sony devices.

Ender Lillis Finally Coming to PS4 and PS5

Through a press release, Live Wire, adglobe and Binary Haze Interactive announced that the catchy metroidvania, Ender Lillis: Calm Knights, is ready to appear on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and will be on July 20 when it hits the PS Store. With this version, Ender Lillis: Calm Knights It will be available on Sony consoles, in the same way that it is already available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

What is that Ender Lillis: Calm Knights?

One of the attractions Ender Lillis: Calm KnightsIn addition to hand-drawn, fantasy-inspired 2D art from a dark perspective, its story is set in the sacred kingdom of Land’s End, where a strange rain sowed evil and brought misfortune to all of its inhabitants.

As a result of this event, people turned into terrifying creatures which caused Priestess Lilly to come out of her slumber and come out to defend her kingdom. The problem is that to do that, you will have to face the ones you loved before.

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