The danger lies in the new Witcher teaser on Netflix

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rise of the magician It is one of the most impressive games since the literary work of Andrei Sapkowski began, and it has become a video game series designed by CD Projekt RED and now leading to a series on Netflix and future plans on the same platform. The first season of the series the magicianHenry Cavill’s starring has been well received and many are looking forward to a sequel that appears to be getting closer and closer, as revealed in a recent trailer.

Check out the teaser for the second season of the magician

Through various social media accounts on Netflix, the streaming platform has introduced a new teaser for the second season of the magician, which still does not have a release date and could have debuted earlier but production has had to deal with the problems and limitations of the pandemic. In this episode we can see Geralt of Rivia with his waving sword walking down a corridor while images reveal dangers, battles and what appears to be a meeting between a wizard and a death jump.

the magician One of the heroes of Netflix was Geeked Week with the reveal of an online conference celebrating the franchise in its passage through video games and television, so expect a lot of content related to the two versions of Geralt from Rivia, which we meet from CD Projekt games played by Henry Cavill on the platform broadcasting.

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