The developers find cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone ruining their business

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After an exciting event at the end of the season, the third season of Call of Duty: A War Zone It really started with a rolling map and a lot of content. Unfortunately, the thing that hasn’t changed is that Battle Royale is still full of cheaters, but thankfully, Activision is still committed to ending it and that is that its developers consider this practice ruining their business.

Recently at LEVEL UP we had the opportunity to chat with members of the development team at Call of Duty: A War Zone. In discussion, we asked them if they would continue to act to fight cheaters after recent waves of bans that toppled the nearly 500,000 players who used the hack.

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Amos Hodge, Creative Director at Raven Software, told us a little bit about how they feel about cheaters. The first thing he makes clear is that Activision takes it very seriously. He also confirmed that they hate cheating on his team, because they feel that they are ruining the playing experience they worked with the players.

“Cheating is a very important issue for us here at Activision, we have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Personally, I know the Raven men in my team, we hate cheaters more than anyone else, you know, this is our job and some of the best jobs in our career, cheating. Kind of ruins that.

If you look at it, from our point of view, it’s ruining one or two games, and for us that is the best job of our career. And we do this so that players can have fun, and we do it so that during the pandemic players can have a place to relax, forget about the world, you know, get into it, and chat with their friends or families. Cheaters spoil it all. It really drives us crazy, ”he explained.

Killing cheaters is an ongoing task

As you can imagine, get rid of cheaters in a game with over 100 million users as is Call of Duty: A War Zone It is not an easy task. This is why Activision has a team dedicated to this. Also, this means that it is an ongoing effort to provide the best possible experience to the players.

«We have a technical team dedicated to that. Unfortunately, I’m not the entire team dedicated to playing security. So, I can’t go into detail without that, probably, but we have teams dedicated to that. And as I said, we’ve just seen half a million players get banned. We are constantly making updates, it’s not like, “We did our work and we’re done.” “It is continuing,” Amos concluded.

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How about you, what do you think of Activision’s efforts to end cheaters Call of Duty: A War Zone? Tell us in the comments.

Call of Duty: A War Zone Available completely free for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. If you want to know more about this Battle Royale, you can do so by clicking on the following link.

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