The Elder Scrolls VI: Howard says the RPG is in the design phase

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As noted during E3 2021, Bethesda Game Studios focus almost entirely on starfield, the game that will be released in November 2022. However, Todd Howard had time to devote some words to the sixth part of the favorite saga of many Bethesda fans, The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts.

Howard spoke with telegraph They confirmed that they will use Creation Engine 2 to perform the tasks The Sixth Sheikh ManuscriptsSame engine they use starfield, although some specific modifications are required for the back Skyrim.

Also, while stating that the vast majority of developers at Bethesda Game Studios focus on Starfield, Howard said that «everyone is working on everything, so the two projects are intertwined.»

“It’s good to think about that The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts It’s still in the design stage…but we’re reviewing the technology: is this going to hold what we want to do in that game? Each game will have new technological elements, so The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts «It will include some of the additions to the Creation Engine 2 that the game will require,» Howard said.

Although there are not many details or departure date The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts, some fans think that in the movie trailer for starfield Appears during E3 2021 hides a site The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts The game will take place on the west coast of Tamriel Island.

Remember that you can be attentive to all the news related to The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts If you click here. And tell us: How excited are you about the new Bethesda games?

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