The Enhanced Edition of Bright Memory already has a new trailer

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Bright Memory It was one of the launch titles for Xbox Series X, and although it did not receive the required reviews, it was a bestseller and will soon receive an improved version. it’s about Bright memory: infinite, the game that released a new trailer with gameplay and will be released sometime in 2021 for Xbox Series X | S and PC. It is worth noting that on PC it can be downloaded for free by those who purchased the first game during the early access period on Steam.

Bright memory: infinite Developed by Xiancheng Zeng, the sole developer of FYQD Studio, it will be an FPS where the main objective will be to perform combos that combine sword attacks and firearms. These combinations can be prolonged using abilities that alter reality and gravity.

This indie FPS will feature enemies of all different types and eras, such as mythical creatures and future soldiers. In addition, the title will contain ray tracing and DLSS.

We leave you the trailer Bright memory: infinite and then:

what is he talking about Bright memory: infinite?

On Bright memory: infiniteIt’s 2036, and strange black holes appear in the sky. The Paranormal Science Research Organization sends several agents, including the hero Sheila, to investigate and prevent rival factions from discovering the mysterious secrets behind the paranormal event before it is contained. The mysteries behind black holes and mixed worlds will forever change the future of Sheila and that of Earth.

‘The moment of departure from Bright memory: infinite The things you’ve learned are getting closer to the version Bright Memory On Steam and on Xbox Series X | S, you taught me a lot and allowed me to make a lot of improvements to No final. I hope my project will motivate other indie developers to never give up on what they can achieve,” Xiancheng Zeng commented.

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