the horror! The platform will place commercials, such as TV ads, in video games

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It would be naive to think that advertising would be far away from video games now that this type of entertainment has its most famous moment. In this sense, one of the great intentions, and also one of the biggest concerns, is that at some point the gaming experience will have commercials, just as it does on TV. Of course, this happens in free mobile games and some daring games like EA with UFC and 2k with NBA 2K They have added commercials on the download screens. Well, soon someone will try to move on.

Commercials can invade video games

According to the information received from AxiosAfter a trial period, the playerWON platform, which is owned by Simulmedia, will take off and try to bring commercials, such as those shown on TV, into the gaming experience. In this sense, the project finds its justification when considering that it is possible to reach millions of players in the world in an unconventional way, a very attractive demographic for advertising agencies that run important brands and who see space out there that can be harnessed and exploited.

However, the playerWON platform has been designed to engage with players in a different way, and at least initially, not in an invasive way as has been the case for decades on TV, public or private, or more recently on YouTube where ads are present in all videos. According to the project description, playerWON has worked with EA and Hi-Rez and their strategy is to offer players a bonus if they decide to watch a commercial for 15-30 seconds during the gameplay session.

Beta tests show that there are players willing to watch commercials

Similarly, Simulmedia, responsible for playerWON, points out that the platform allows video game developers to code commercials and that it is they who decide on a strategy for users to see and earn rewards, such as exclusive items or skins.

On the other hand, this project will not progress if it does not have the evidence that shows its feasibility, and in this sense, Simulmedia noted that its beta tests have shown that there are players willing to see up to 10 commercials per day in exchange for rewards on their favorite game and in case hitFrom Hi-Rez, players were more likely to see commercials if it gave them a feature or something exclusive.

So it looks like we’re not far from watching commercials while playing, welcome to the future of gaming.

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