The journalist who supported the Switch Pro’s OLED rumor is baffling

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The Nintendo Switch OLED model continues to cause various interactions within the industry. One of them is a journalist who endorsed the Switch Pro rumors, who at the moment is confused and does not know what happened to the information that was previously leaked.

Journalist Jason Schreier, who is known for sharing information about a Nintendo console with different specifications and superior to those shown in the Switch OLED Model, was the one who expressed himself on his official Twitter account showing his bewilderment over this version.

In a tweet posted by a sinister, we can see that the journalist is waiting for his sources in Bloomberg Comment on them after the OLED model was announced, and share their doubts about whether this review of the console is the one they reported or if there will be a different model in the future.

Here you can see it:

“I tried to make it clear that almost everything I heard about the Switch Pro came from the (excellent) Asia team. Bloomberg, which we hope will soon be able to clarify whether the plans have changed or there is another model or what.”

It is worth noting that his posting on the social platform has already caused some media to speculate that another model could be on the way (albeit a distant one), while another reaction of his followers is that they are confident that this situation does not turn into a new wave of rumors about the Switch Pro.

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We’ll have to wait for a statement from the middle Bloomberg About the OLED model and see if they confirm that this review of the adapter is the one they were referring to.

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