The Last of Us: How many seasons does the first season of the HBO series have?

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a series the last of us It’s already on its way and filming is about to begin. Fans of the franchise are excited, but still have skepticism about this HBO production. Fortunately, writer and executive producer Craig Mazen shared some interesting information about her recently.

Thanks to this, we know details about the series’ progress in recent weeks and the exact number of episodes it will present in its first season. Mazen also revealed the participation of more creators as directors for the first episodes of the series.

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The number of episodes of the first season of الأول revealed the last of us

There is good news for all who have been waiting for this mod, as the first part of Ellie and Joel’s story will be released in 10 episodes, which will make up the first season of the long-awaited series.

The creative design hasn’t revealed anything about how the well-known story of the PlayStation exclusive was adapted. Thus, it is not known what purpose of the narrative will be reached in the first ten episodes. Despite this, the first season is expected to end with an exciting time.

On the other hand, he commented that the 10 episodes will be directed in total by 5 creators. This means that there are still people involved in the project who have not been officially confirmed. We will definitely know more about it soon.

Mazen knows that many players are eager to learn more about the series’ progress. Therefore, he also revealed that the first three or four episodes actually contain a full script. As filming begins, there is no doubt that in a few months more information about this adaptation will appear.

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