The Last of Us series will introduce a character that is only talked about in the game

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TV series development the last of us It appears to be progressing positively. More actors have been confirmed to have taken part in the project in recent weeks and 3 new celebrities have just been revealed, suggesting some interesting plot details.

In total, it was revealed that there are 3 new actors who will be joining the conditioning the last of us To the small screen, according to Limit. The actor who might attract the most attention is Jeffrey Pierce, as he will mark his return to the series. We say this because he was responsible for capturing the motion and the voice of Tommy, Joel Miller’s brother, in two parts of the franchise. On this occasion, the American novelist, producer and director will not be playing Tommy, but a new character named Perry, who will be a rebel from the quarantine zone.

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Left to Right: Jeffrey Pearce (Perry), with O'Neill (Bill) and Murray Bartlett (Frank)
Left to Right: Jeffrey Pearce (Perry), with O’Neill (Bill) and Murray Bartlett (Frank)

a series the last of us You will expand the relationship between two characters

It was also announced that actors Con O’Neill and Murray Bartlett would join the production. The first who participated in projects such as ChernobylAnd the Our knowledge means death s Batman, Bill will play, while Bartlett (white lotusAnd the City talesFrank will play.

if you play the last of us You will know that although they are minor characters, they play an important role in the story. Without going into too much detail, Joel visits Bell to ask him a favor and Frank is his partner.

There is no explicit mention of it in the series, but apparently there was a sexual attraction between the two characters who settled in the Lincoln neighborhood with plenty of barricades to protect themselves from the infected; However, their track forks. In fact, Frank was never introduced into the adventure, only mentioned.

Sometimes it has been confirmed that the HBO series of the last of us It would expand and enhance the story of this universe, and based on these additions to the production, one of the relationships we’ll be able to learn more about is that of Bill and Frank.

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TV series the last of us It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it was already going to start filming and likely air in 2022. You can find more news regarding this franchise if you visit this page.

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