The latest Switch update is causing problems and Nintendo tells you how to fix it

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There have been several reports from Nintendo Switch users who reported problems with their console after the company’s latest update (yes, which turned it off and then offered it again). Now, it appears that Nintendo has shared some steps to fix the situation.

After several days of complaints from Switch owners about the 12.0.3 update and the problems it brought with it, the company, through its Nintendo Support Service, offered possible steps to fix error code 2123-1502.

This error causes many users to fail their internet connection on the company’s content distribution servers, so any download attempt in the eShop is interrupted.

The steps, or alternatives, that Nintendo has shared to remedy the situation are as follows:

  • Please try to download again, if the same error code appears again, please try to continue downloading several times until it works
  • Turn the Nintendo Switch off and on, hold the Power button for 3 seconds and select Power Options, then Power Off and on again
  • Clear Cache on Nintendo Switch (Here you can learn how to do it)
  • Test your internet connection and check that you have a stable signal
  • Create a new internet connection
  • Configure an alternate DNS manually (here you can see how)
  • Make sure the MTU configured for your internet connection is set to the default value of 1400 (you can learn how here)
  • Connect to the Internet from a different point or location

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For now, they are the only alternatives that Nintendo has offered regarding the issue, however, we’ll be watching to see if the company shares anything else about it.

Have you had problems with your console after the last update? Let us know in the comments.

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