The Switch is already the sixth best-selling console in Japan and will soon overtake the PSP

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It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch is a worldwide success. By February this year, the hybrid system had already sold more than 79 million units, surpassing that of the 3DS based on global figures.

The pace and trend of console sales change slightly depending on the region. However, the Switch has managed to be crowned in nearly every region, including Asia and Japan. According to recent figures, the Nintendo System is already the sixth best-selling console in Japan ever.

This means that the Switch has already surpassed the total sales recorded by other popular consoles in the Asian country, including other Nintendo consoles and Sony’s first console. On the other hand, this year, some of the most successful consoles are expected to rise.

Switch is Japan’s best-selling gaming console

Based on the updated sales numbers from Famitsu (Across Nintendo Everything), The Nintendo Switch set a commercial record in Japan this week. The hybrid system has total sales of over 19 million units in that country alone.

To be more precise, the Switch has already sold 19,410,000 units in Japan. Thanks to this, it became the country’s 6th best-selling console in all of its history. It thus surpassed the total sales of Famicom, PlayStation 1, Super Famicom and Game Boy Advance.

It looks like nothing will stop the Switch from reaching the top of the list, as it’s a matter of time for this year to surpass the total sales of the PSP, which currently stands at 19,690,000 units sold.

As if that wasn’t enough, everything indicates the Switch will also surpass PlayStation 2’s record in Japan this year, with the Sony console registering 21,980,000 units sold in the country. If this point is reached, it will have the 3DS switch.

The handheld console has already sold 24,730,000 units in Japan, so the switch could overtake it as well in a matter of months. The real tests for the hybrid console are the Game Boy and Nintendo DS, two systems topping the list with 32,470,000 and 32,990,000 units sold, respectively.

The situation changes if the global sales numbers are taken into account, as the Switch has already surpassed the Nintendo 3DS and the PSP. However, it is still far from the Wii and the first PlayStation, with more than 100 million consoles sold.

In addition, it is ahead of the records for PlayStation 4 (114 million), Game Boy (118.6 million), Nintendo DS (154 million), and PlayStation 2 (over 155 million). The Switch, though, does take shape as one of the best-selling game consoles worldwide.

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