The US President will propose rules in favor of the right to compensation

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With the DMCA germ, companies have been able to make law protections up to hardware bravery. Although this can be considered a legitimate measure in the interest of security and against hacking, it also led to restrictions on the user in cases involving repair, leaving them at the expense of the operations and costs of the same companies due to the breaking of digital locks. Enters into criminal formations. However, the days of this position can be numbered according to a report regarding the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden for his right to repair equipment, devices, and tools

According to the information received from BloombergUS President Joe Biden will issue an executive order to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to draft new rules in favor of users’ right to repair their equipment, gadgets, or devices if damage occurs. In this regard, Joe Biden’s proposal will be based on the protests of American farmers, who have to face repairing their tractors before a series of items patented by construction companies that include diagnostic and repair tools, as well as patented software to prevent users from dealing with third parties. Third, which translates to one-time costs for the service that are completely unreachable.

Repair constraints can have a number of days

Although Joe Biden’s proposal starts with these cases, the FTC is expected to outline the scope of these new rules into a law that could benefit US smartphone, tablet and console users facing the same situations. In this sense it is worth noting situations such as consoles, for example Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, which limits the user in terms of unlocking, modifying and repairing devices. In fact, it was recently revealed that the only way to replace an Xbox Series X SSD involves loss of warranty and requires cloning tools so that the software that enables playback can be copied.

Finally, White House economic adviser Brian Diess noted that the goal of this measure is: «greater competition in the economy, to serve lower prices for American families and higher wages for the country’s workers.»

Recently, we encountered a similar situation in Mexico with the federal copyright law reforms, and here we leave you with our top 5 in this regard:

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