The wealth of the founder of Amazon is greater than the GDP of Mexico City

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It is true that Amazon is one of the fastest growing companies in the last decade. The company achieved success at the hands of its founder Jeff Bezos, thanks to which he became the richest person on the entire planet. What is the wealth of this billionaire? Well, that’s enough to surpass the GDP of one of the most important cities in the world.

At the beginning of the week, the value of Amazon shares rose 4.7% after the US Department of Defense announced the cancellation of Microsoft’s cloud computing services, according to information from Finance.

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Jeff Bezos’ fortune outpaced the important Mexico City index

This also had an impact on Bezos’ wealth, because after this announcement, last Tuesday, July 6, Jeff Bezos’ fortune reached 211 million Bahraini dinars, equivalent to 4191 billion pesos, according to the current exchange rate.

According to the Billionaires Index BloombergJeff Bezos’ net worth exceeds Mexico City’s gross domestic product, which stood at 3,698 billion pesos in 2019, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). It is important to say that this figure represents 16% of the national GDP (23012 trillion pesos).

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Amazon is one of the most valuable companies

Since its founding and with the expansion of online commerce primarily, Amazon has made a fortune for Bezos. The company is very close to reaching a market value of $2 trillion. As of this writing, Amazon’s market capitalization is $1.876 trillion ($1,876,000,000), according to information from Yahoo Finance.

It is important to mention that only in February 2020, Jeff Bezos’ fortune was 130 million US dollars, so in almost one year he increased by 100 million US dollars. Bezos announced last year that he would dedicate roughly 10% of his wealth at the time (about US$10 million) to an initiative to combat climate change called the Bezos Earth Fund, it was reported. New York times.

Thanks to its massive success, Jeff Bezos’ company has expanded into video games. Early efforts to break into the industry include founding Amazon Game Studios and launching Amazon Luna. However, the company has not achieved the expected results since then crucibleFor example, it stopped receiving support shortly after its release and new world It was recently delayed. However, the company will continue to support Amazon Game Studios.

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