These are the comics that Marvel is preparing for the next few months; There is X-Men news and more

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Marvel announced the release of its comic book for July, and we can find many new proposals from the House of Ideas for their comics, such as new events for Spider-Man, X-Men, or even Moon Knight.

Among the highlights is the new 4-issue Spider-Man event titled Wicked warDoctor Octopus gathers a new group of 6 Sinisters to confront the 6 Savages led by Vulture, and it is clear that our friendly neighbor Spider-Man, amid the hype, must stop 12 villains from his war to the death. In addition, we will also have the one-shot of an event Severe carnage, Which will bring Flash Thompson and the Life Foundation back into storyboards.

We’ll also be relaunching X-Men with the Tenth of the men # 1 Written by Jerry Duggan, with a new lineup for a mutant team for the Cracua nation, including Cyclops, Wolverine (X-23 not Logan), Marvel Girl, Rogue, Sunfire, Polaris and Synch.

Moon Knight will have his own series again from writer Jed MacKay, while we will continue the same with other Marvel series such as The Amazing FourAnd the The immortal structureAnd the The Amazing Spider-ManAnd the ox And more.

We leave you with the list of the most relevant releases that we’ll get from Marvel in July.

Marvel Comics will be released in July 2021

What do you think? Excited about the July releases? Would you buy any of it? Let us know in the comments.

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