They barely announced the OLED Switch and fans are already making fun of the Nintendo console

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Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch OLED this morning and there’s no doubt that it has become the biggest news of the day. The new console model generated a lot of conversation, and while many were happy with the screen improvement, there are those who expected more power. What was not lacking in this discussion was the mockery of those who think Nintendo could offer something else.

In the last hours, the hot topic on social networks for gamers has been the Nintendo Switch OLED. After rumors of more power or support for re-calibrated 4K, it turns out that the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro only has an OLED display, more storage, Ethernet support, and a better base.

Since rumors caused the console to be so different, it was only natural that fans took the opportunity to laugh a little. Therefore, a lot of memes and comments have surfaced in which the community has made it clear that the OLED Switch looks like a review that does not live up to the community’s expectations. These posts have been shared on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even our own Discord community.

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What do you think of the Nintendo Switch OLED? Do you think he deserves to be bothered? Tell us in the comments.

The Nintendo Switch OLED will go on sale on October 8 and will cost $349.99. You can learn more about our Nintendo Switch review by clicking here.

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