They claim Psychonauts 2 had a crisis-free evolution

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Crunch is a type of work culture that makes creators and developers put in long and hard working hours, detrimental to their health and personal life. In recent years, this has been fought over, and many will be happy to know Psychology Pioneers 2 A trouble-free development process, or so one of its developers assured us.

Via TwitterKevin Johnson, producer of Double Fine, discussed his experience with developing Psychology Pioneers 2. In his words, it was a development that wasn’t in crisis and he feels happy being part of something so «special».

Strange fact: Psychology Pioneers 2 He didn’t have a crisis.

The team has been amazing and I’m proud to be a part of something so special that it was done according to the schedule we set before. «I think you guys are going to have a lot of fun too,» he explained.

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It is worth noting that Johnson did not disclose more details on this matter. Unfortunately, as of this writing, none of the Double Fine members have testified, so we can’t share more information about how the studio managed to avoid the crisis.

Despite that, it’s still nice to like the game Psychology Pioneers 2 Go to the market without negatively affecting your designs. We hope that more and more crisis-free projects will become the norm rather than the exception.

What do you think of this new? Are you happy with that Psychology Pioneers 2 You had a crisis-free development process? Tell us in the comments.

Psychology Pioneers 2 Available August 25th on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. We remind you that it will be part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog from opening day. You can learn more about this much awaited platform by clicking here.

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