They confirmed that Hazard Zone, Battlefield 2042 mode, will rock Battle Royale

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While a section of fans disagree on this Battlefield 2042 Regardless of the campaign mode, the favorable tendencies of multiplayer modes weighed heavily and many are already tasting this new part of the franchise which may lead us to experience war like few others. When the official details of this game were revealed, it was revealed that it will not have a Battle Royale experience, in an apparent reference to war zone, but it looks like there’s something DICE will do.

Danger zone mode of Battlefield 2042 promising something innovative

According to information shared by the Battlefield Bulletin Twitter account, the new issue of the magazine play Includes an interview with developers Battlefield 2042, where they talk about a Battle Royale mode that leaves the door open to something interesting, according to the creative team, a mode that will, on paper at least at least, get the job done, Hazard Zone «will rock the Battle Royale concept in just a way battlefield you can do that».

Similarly, the post notes that Nicole Lee, a designer Battlefield 2042, revealed that the danger zone situation will have similar elements.

Considering what the creators of DICE have said, it’s true Battlefield 2042 It wouldn’t have a Battle Royale mode but something similar, which created expectations for the way the game would approach this type of suggestion from a certain perspective.

Battlefield 2042 It will debut on October 22nd on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC. In this link you will find all relevant information.

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