They explain why Steam Deck will not be competitive on the Switch

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Since the announcement of the new Steam Deck, some media and gamers have spoken of a great danger to the Switch due to its strong similarity to its superior technical capabilities. However, a recent review indicates that the Valve console poses no threat to Nintendo.

was in the middle Kotaku They don’t consider the Japanese company to have to worry about the Steam Deck launch. In their report, they comment on several points that support their belief that the two consoles will be able to coexist without facing each other directly in the market.

According to the information, those who are interested in one option or another differ due to the catalog of games available on each console, and since the best-selling titles on Switch are exclusive, all followers of those franchises will continue to purchase the console in any of its versions.

Also, the Nintendo Switch is already installed in the market and can be found easily. And if that wasn’t enough, it will also have a much lower price tag than Steam Deck would cost, which is a convenient mode. Kotaku It’s risky, because they aren’t sure the average player will pay $649 (about 13,305 Mexican pesos) for the most complete version of Steam Deck.

On the other hand, the broker also states that Steam Deck will have to earn the trust of the reluctant, resulting from the unsuccessful cases of Valve, such as Steam Link and Steam Machines.

for the purpose of KotakuThe real competitors to Steam Deck will be the Xbox and PlayStation, as it will have a large portion of the titles available on them and all Steam games, so it will be a different proposition than what the Nintendo Switch offers.

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