They paid over 17 million pesos to get a sealed copy of the first Zelda

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Video game collectors don’t skimp on time, effort, or expense when it comes to acquiring their favorite titles. It’s increasingly common to hear that games, especially Nintendo, are being sold for exorbitant sums at auctions.

In fact, we recently told you about a sealed copy of the first the legend of zelda for NES that reached initial bids worth US$110,000 (about 2,255,000 Mexican pesos) at auction. The game finally sold out and reached a much higher number than previously thought.

The auction far exceeded the 2019 record for a copy of the legend of zelda which sold for $3,360. In addition, it has also exceeded 660,000 US dollars in copies of Super Mario Bros.

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sealed copy of the legend of zelda Sells for nearly $1 million

Heritage Auctions has been commissioned to display and sell the sealed copy of the legend of zelda. The cartridge broke records as it became the highest paid video game at auction to date.

Someone with a lot of money paid $870,000, which is roughly $1,7283,420 at the current exchange rate. You definitely wonder why the game has come to such a high price. Well, its main attraction is that it is a sealed copy of the production NES-R.

This means that it is one of the first cartridges the legend of zelda that were produced for the console. In addition, the game is closed and has a retention rating of 9. The price has increased significantly due to all of the above plus the fact that we are talking about one of the most important franchises in the industry.

The auction closed a few hours ago and no information was given on who took this valuable piece home. Through its Twitter account, Heritage Auctions revealed that the sealed cartridge is now the most expensive toy ever sold at auction:

The same auction house sold another sealed copy of the legend of zelda, but corresponds to the most popular production of 1988. The cost of this copy was 50,400 US dollars, which is significantly less than the new record.

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