They say Bloodborne remaster will be revealed at the upcoming Sony event

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blood borne It’s one of the most popular PlayStation 4 exclusives, so it’s not uncommon to know that many are requesting an enhanced version of PlayStation 5 and even releasing it on other platforms like PC.

There have always been rumors of a supposed remake of the game that would make it to the next generation of Sony’s console. Also, a PC version is claimed to exist, but neither version has happened yet.

It has been said that the project is in the hands of Bluepoint Games and QLOC, which will add support for 4K and 60 frames per second, among other improvements. Another source mentioned again that the rework could be real and that it will be announced at the next PlayStation event.

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remaster de blood borne It will be revealed at the next PlayStation event

In recent days, clues have emerged about a possible and upcoming PlayStation event, which will arrive with news about an expected game. Also, there is talk of a return to the PlayStation experience.

Given this, many are convinced that Sony will give a presentation soon. Tim Rogers, former content creator and developer, joined the conversation with a message that touched my fans blood borne.

Rogers has been questioned about rumors about a rework of the game, which have not been revealed despite initial reports coming out months ago. The creator said he hinted that the remaster is real and that it will have a frame rate of 60 fps.

It has also been suggested that it will be announced at an upcoming Sony event. Despite this, Rogers confirmed it was just a hunch, so he wouldn’t reveal if he had inside information or if it was simply something he wanted too.

At the moment nothing is certain, but many think so blood borne Yes it will have a new version soon. Especially because of its popularity and because there is no version for PlayStation 5.

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blood borne Available for PlayStation 4. Find all the news about the title at this link.


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