They say Xbox still plans to remove LIVE Gold, but on one condition

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For several months there has been talk of major changes that were on the way to Xbox LIVE Gold. Some sources claimed that Microsoft was preparing modifications to the service, while some rumors claimed that it would disappear and that online multiplayer would be free for players.

The company has made modifications to Xbox LIVE Gold, but not to the level that everyone expected. If you don’t remember, since April of this year, the service is no longer necessary to enjoy free-to-play games in the Xbox ecosystem.

Despite this, an active subscription to the service is still necessary to play the online multiplayer component of the rest of the titles and get some bonuses such as free games.

Once again, sources claim that Xbox has plans to remove the service and launch an online multiplayer component. However, this may happen until a condition related to Xbox Game Pass is met.

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Will Xbox LIVE Gold go away and play online for free?

Jeff Grob, journalist from VentureBeat, was one of the sources who confirmed that Xbox LIVE Gold had its days numbered. This has not happened and Microsoft has not provided evidence that it will happen soon, but Grubb believes it will happen because it is still within Microsoft’s plans.

Originally, he indicated that Xbox LIVE Gold would disappear so that multiplayer would be from infinite aura It was really free. However, this happened before it was announced that Xbox LIVE Gold is no longer required to play free games.

During one of his recent shows, Grubb reiterated that removing Xbox LIVE Gold is still on Microsoft’s roadmap. However, you’re betting that’s not happening anytime soon and it could take years for some reason to materialize.

The journalist notes that Microsoft’s current goal is for Xbox Game Pass to become more popular, which could translate to more users paying their subscription to the service month after month. Group points out that the goal is for Xbox Game Pass to grow exponentially as the source of income that will replace Xbox LIVE Gold.

When can Xbox LIVE Gold disappear if the report is accurate?

Microsoft will seek to get Xbox Game Pass to a limited number of users before considering permanently eliminating Xbox LIVE Gold.

«That means Xbox LIVE will go away, but we have to get to a certain limit with Game Pass before we can make that decision and separate that revenue stream because we have enough of something else,» Grob said.

The journalist believes that the ideal number to achieve this would be between 40 or 50 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers. It is worth noting that the latest estimates yielded a figure of 23 million users of the service.

From the official information, we know that Xbox Game Pass had 18 million subscribers in January 2021. Thus, the supposed target of 40 million or more users is still far away, so Xbox LIVE Gold will not go away in the short term.

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